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Efficient and cost effective assistance with your legal needs

A Paralegal may be able to assist you on a time efficient and cost effective basis when working with an attorney and as an alternative to "doing it yourself". That said, a Paralegal is not an attorney, does not practice law and cannot give legal advice. This work is supervised by a licensed attorney who enters a special limited appearance as necessary.
  • Help you complete the forms and filings for divorce, bankruptcy, eviction, small claims

  • Assist with legal research on law and rules

  • Assist with negotiations with adverse parties such as creditors and landlords...we've been very successful with this as there are no emotions involved.

  • Service of Process, such a Summons, Evictions etc.

  • Assist in the organization and preparation of your files so save time in money when you are working with an attorney

  • Refer you to an appropriate attorney that we're personally familiar with and have already discussed your matters in confidence with.

  • Trademark and copyright searches and filings

  • Create a business entity anywhere in the USA

  • Obtain employer/tax ID from the IRS and your state tax authority

  • File your annual company reports to state and federal regulatory agencies

  • Help you obtain business receivables financing, accept credit cards and open bank accounts

  • Help you set up and operate QuickBooks and QuickBooks Payroll

  • Select, purchase and or set up computer systems and networks

  • And much more!

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