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$500 Divorce Document Preparation

attorney supervised by special limited representation

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In our opinion and experience, it's best to have an attorney representing you in a divorce, family law and/or child custody matter. 


That said, not everyone can afford a lawyer for full representation, however the  $500 package from $500 Divorce Center includes the fee to an experienced family law attorney for an initial consultation with the attorney and the review of the documents they prepare for you by the attorney.


Under the supervision of a licensed attorney, The $500 Divorce Center's experienced document preparers can assist you with the collection of forms and then based on the information that you provide, word process the documents and forms for filing for divorce, child custody, spousal maintenance and/or parental rights. A document preparer or paralegal alone cannot provide legal advice, select documents, exercise legal discretion on your behalf or represent you in court, however the licensed attorney supervises the selection and preparation of documents for your matter through a special limited representation.


The $500 fee does not include the court's own filing fee.  If you are indigent, The $500 Divorce Center can assist you with the forms to have the fee waived, reduced or paid in installments.  They also have third-party "no credit - no problem" financing as well, if you need it.


The $500 Divorce Center can also offer free and fast referrals to experienced family law attorneys that accept a limited number of cases on a settlement flat fee basis for full representation in more complicated matters.


Call The $500 Divorce Center now for a free initial consultation.


We offer experienced representation that is affordable for family law, divorce and child custody
Call us now 24/7
 (800) 301-7220
The $500 Divorce Center can begin immediately, fill in the form below to get started now.
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