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$500 Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the bankruptcy trustee cancels many (or all) of your debts. At the same time the trustee might also sell (liquidate) some of your property to repay your creditors. Chapter 7 bankruptcy, also called "straight" or "liquidation" bankruptcy, is so named because the law is contained in Chapter 7 of the federal Bankruptcy Code.


Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy puts into effect something called the "automatic stay." The automatic stay immediately stops most creditors from trying to collect what you owe them. So, at least temporarily, creditors cannot legally grab ("garnish") your wages, empty your bank account, go after your car, house, or other property, or cut off your utility service.


Our $500 package includes the fee that you'll pay directly to the experienced Bankruptcy Attorney that will supervise the preparation of your Chapter 7 filing.  The attorney should be consulted regardingany legal advice.



They'll sit down with you personally and understand what brought you to the seek out Chapter 7 protection and, if appropriate offer alternatives, including but not limited to our acting as an intermediary, in a non-legal capacity,  with your creditors to seek a non-bankruptcy resolution.


If a non-bankruptcy resolution is not feasible, we'll provide you with copies of all of the the bankruptcy forms and documents from the bankruptcy court to help you understand the process.  Thes forms are obtained from the Bankruptcy Court's own web site and have not been "selected" by us.


You need to provide us with copious detailed information about your debts, assets, liabilities, names, addresses, account numbers, current balances, last payments made to each of your creditors, repossessions in past 90 days, your transfers of property within the past 90 days, as an example.  In these capacity we act as a document preparation service which is permitted by law and regulation.


Call us The Chapter 7 Center 24/7
888 662 4943

The bankruptcy court requires that you (the "debtor") take a pre-bankruptcy counseling course, which is taken on-line and takes between 2 and 6 hours to complete.  The course itself charges $25 for the course and immediately issues a certificate of completion.  This certificate is required by the court in your initial filing of the petition. A new case cannot be filed without the certificate.


The court charges a $335 filing fee.  If you are indigent and don't have funds for the filing fee, we can assist you with prepartion of the forms that ask the court to waive the fee, reduce the fee or accept the in installments.  The court makes a decision based upon the information that you submit.


The Chapter 7 Center paralegals are trained paralegals not attorneys so they can't appear in court for you or offer legal advice.  In this capacity they act as a documentation preparation service and not in a legal capacity.


The $500 fee that The Chapter 7 Center charges for Chapter 7 document preparation must be paid in full before we can assist you with the preparation of the forms to file.


They accept credit cards, checks and cash.


They can usually meet with you on the same day that you call and the initial consultation is free.


An experienced Bankruptcy Attorney will provide a consultation and enter a limited engagement with you to supervise the selection and preparation of your forms prior to filing.


Here's a link to the Denver US Bankruptcy Court's web site on Chapter 7 which provides much more information on the process.

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