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Areas of expertise: Business formation, Criminal Law, Appellate Law, Intellectual Property, Corporate Governance, Stakeholder Relations, Tenant - Landlord disputes, Personal Injury, Commercial Litigation, Resident Agent Services, Trade Mark Registration, Merger and Acquisition, Investigations, Civil Rights Practice, Office Technology, Business Plan Development and Evaluations, Practice Management, Quickbooks Accounting and Service of Process.



What we do


Paralegals Per Diem supplies attorneys and law firms with ad hoc, on demand, certified paralegals and paralegal service with expertise in specialized fields of law and practice, business and legal administration, without the burden of fixed expenses, benefits, commitments or equipment.


We do not provide any services to individuals or businesses inasmuch as a Paralegal must work directly for and under the supervision of an attorney.


24/7 certified paralegal services by the day, hour or task

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Our Paralegal Service can assist in alternate dispute resolution, mediation and arbitration
Our certified paralegal service professional are available 24/7 by the day, hour or task



Can a paralegal represent a party in an arbitration pursuant to the Arbitration Act?

While it appears the answer to this question is yes and paralegals can represent parties where more than $25,000 is at stake, there is no concrete answer.


However in Colorado, this has been questioned and at present it appears as the answer is NO.

There are strong policy arguments in favour of paralegal representation in arbitrations and, given the uncertainty, the Law Society of Upper Canada should update its bylaws to confirm that paralegals can appear at arbitrations pursuant to the Arbitration Act.



A stunning reversal of fortune for the plaintiffs in a $4.25 million truck-crash case resulted from a defense-team paralegal’s ability to read French. A charred document from the wreck scene that had been assumed to be a birth certificate for the victim, Hawa Sissoko, was in fact a marriage license, in French, from her home country of Mali. That sent the defense scrambling to determine whether Sissoko, a 28-year-old immigrant living in Chicago at the time of the 2007 accident, was married, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. She was, but her uncle, serving as estate administrator, produced a document showing that she was also divorced.

Areas of Assistance

for attorneys, law firms and corporate legal departments only



Criminal Law​

Stakeholder Relations

Corporate Governance

​Tenant - Landlord matters

Registered Agent Services

Business and Contract Law

Civil & Commercial Litigation

Intellectual Property - Trademarks

Business Formation & Registration

Family Law​ - Child Custody & Divorce


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